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Chaya Herskovic
Acting Project Director
Edna Weinstock-Gabay
Project Manager

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Trevor Asserson
Professor Irwin Cotler
Irit Kohn

Amb. Dr. Meir Rosenne
Alan Baker

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Justus Reid Weiner

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About :

The Global Law Forum at the Jerusalem Center of Public Affairs was established to revitalize public discourse concerning Israel and the Middle East by producing up-to-date materials explaining international law dimensions of current regional controversies, and to enrich the study of international law by reconsidering and re-analyzing the fundamental principles and applications of international law, particularly regarding issues of concern to Israel and the Middle East.

The Forum supports scholarly conferences, position papers, articles and books that create, promote and expose the public and academy to cutting edge scholarship in the Forum’s areas of concern.

In particular, the Forum supports the following kinds of works:
1. Empirical work examining compliance with and the effects of international law, particularly concerning international humanitarian and human rights law;
2. Works using new methodologies, especially interdisciplinary approaches such as rational choice and economic analyses of international law; and
3. Works applying traditional doctrines to previously under-analyzed or poorly understood contexts, especially regarding issues of concern to Israel and the Middle East.

The Forum is committed to the development of a new generation of international law scholars engaged in innovative and evidence-based scholarship, and to countering selection bias in issues currently addressed by the international law community as well as inconsistent application of legal standards, particularly regarding Israel and the Middle East.

The Forum brings its work to a wider audience by supporting a wide range of activities beyond traditional academic writings. This includes position papers, workshops for practitioners and other interested parties, conferences and symposia and public briefings.


Click here for information about positions at the Global Law Forum.

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